EggTester.Com currently manufactures following products for egg-quality testing: 

egganalyserEggAnalyzer® : Automatic egg-quality testing device that measures the weight, albumen height, yolk color and Haugh unit in 17 seconds using the cutting-edge technology (Patent Pending). More details,  click here

Egg force readerEgg Force Reader : Eggshell destruction strength measurer. More details,  click here

Eggshell thickness 
    gaugeEggshell Thickness Gauge : Ultrasonic precision, non-destructive egg shell thickness measurer. More details, click here

    Haugh TesterDigital Haugh Tester : It easures the height of egg albumen and allows you to manually determine the Haugh unit quickly and accurately. More details, click here

egg or candlerEgg OR Candler : This equipment is a portable LED battery/mains operated Egg Candling Lamp. More details, click here

Wireless Egg Node Wireless Egg Node™ : It identifies exact locations where egg damage takes place. More details, click here

DSM Yolk Color FanDSM Yolk Color Fan : DSM Yolk Color Fan (formerly Roche Yolk Color Fan) is 15 scales color index to distinguish the yolk color density and is widely used in the world. More details, click here.  

Our devices are available internationally and are supported by a worldwide network of distributors to assist with technical support, service and 1 year full warranty.

All our products and systems are designed to meet safety standards of the industry. Our researchers are constantly working to improve our hardware and software and are committed to producing top quality testing devices.

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Wireless Egg Node™
Digital Haugh Tester
DSM Yolk Color Fan
Egg OR-Candler®
Egg Force Reader
EggShell Thickness Gauge