Egg Tester manufactures Haugh Unit (HU) egg-quality-testing equipment, eggshell quality, freshness and more...

Egg Tester (officially known as “ORKA FOOD TECHNOLOGY“) is a leading worldwide manufacturer of egg-quality testing equipment. Egg Tester manufactures Haugh Unit (HU) egg-quality-testing equipment in measuring the eggshell quality and freshness of eggs. We also provide solutions to reduce breakages and losses of eggs.

Instruments manufactured by ORKA are gaining world market share based on their versatility, cost and reliability.

The ORKA’s current range comprises:

EggAnalyzer®;  this instrument determines the weight of eggs, albumen height, Haugh Unit (HU), yolk color and USDA grade in 17 seconds for routine quality control and regulatory compliance.

Egg Force Reader;  this instrument measures the eggshell strength, the force required to crush a shell and is a direct measure of marketability.

EggShell Thickness Gauge;  this instrument uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of shells without breaking shells for quality control and research applications.

Digital Haugh Tester;  this instrument measures the height of egg albumen and allows you to manually determine the Haugh Unit (HU) quickly and accurately.

Egg OR Candler;  this instrument is a portable LED battery/mains operated egg candling lamp.

Wireless Egg Node™;  this instrument provides real time measure of shocks, vibration, rotation, tilting and temperature to your eggs to reduce eggs breakages and losses.

DSM Yolk Color Fan;  it is 16 scales color index to distinguish the yolk color density and is widely used in the world.

The ORKA range of instruments is used extensively in QC laboratories operated by egg producers, packers, universities, regulatory authorities, and primary breeders.

Are you relying on GUESSWORK?

Eggs. Delicious, nutritious and available year-round – are being produced and consumed in greater numbers than ever before. With a growing world population and increased demand for eggs around the world, there is a need for state-of-the-art testing machines to ensure eggs being brought to market are consistent with regulatory and retailer quality guidelines. Freshness is important to consumers for health and quality reasons, and they have no choice but to rely on the various inspections to make sure eggs are fresh.

Traditional tests used to require an inspector to measure the eggs using antiquated mechanical devices and compare the yolk color to the DSM Yolk color fan. Accurate results were dependant on many factors, including the skill and training of the inspector, as well as the condition of the equipment. Tests were time-consuming, labor intensive and potentially inconsistent between inspections. These methods left doubt as to the quality and freshness of the eggs tested.

The USDA Egg-Grading Manual cautions: Tolerances are provided to allow for errors in judgment, differences in interpretation, and normal deterioration in quality from the time of grading until the eggs are sold to the consumer. However, errors beyond the permitted tolerances result in the incorrect grading of the entire lot of eggs. It is important that each grader’s decision of egg placement be as accurate as possible.

Using a state-of-the-art device such as the EggAnalyzer ® takes a lot of the guesswork out of measuring egg-quality. The Haugh unit is now considered the gold standard of egg-quality testing. EggTester.Com developed the fully automatic EggAnalyzer®, which determines Haugh unit, USDA grade, weight and yolk color in 17 seconds, using the cutting-edge sensor technology and eliminating subjective judgments and inconsistencies in inspections.

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