EggAnalyzer by egg tester - haugh unit and more
EggAnalyzer by egg tester – haugh unit and more

The EggAnalyzer® was introduced in 2006 to answer the need for consistent, accurate, objective egg-quality testing. Results of traditional methods are more subjective and open to inconsistent results. The EggAnalyzer® uses cutting edge technology to measure the egg’s weight, albumen height and yolk color and automatically calculates the Haugh unit (HU) in just 17 seconds. Features:

  1. An electronic scale measures the egg’s weight
  2. Ultrasound sensors measure the albumen height and yolk color without touching the egg
  3. Automatically calculates and classifies the Haugh unit (HU)
  4. Displays and prints measured values and calculated values
  5. High measurement accuracy
  6. Constantly stable measurement, not dependent on individual operators
  7. Shortens the measurement time to approx.17 seconds per set
  8. Proprietary software works with an external PC and allows: 1. Enhanced data storage and retrieval 2. Advanced data processing 3. Superior printing option


  1.  Albumen height: 0mm – 30mm +/- 0.1mm
  2.  Yolk color: 1 – 16 according to the DSM (formerly Roche) Yolk color fan (support 16 colors, NEW!)
  3.  Haugh unit: 0 – 130 HU
  4.  Egg grades based on Haugh units:
        1. AA : 72 or higher
        2. A : 71 – 60
        3. B : 59 – 31
        4. C : 30 or less
  5.  Stores, calculates and averages up to 1000 units of data
  6.  Displays results on LCD screen
  7.  Built-in printer (uses an off the shelf thermal paper)
  8.  Suitable to worldwide voltage supply: 90 – 230V, 50/60 Hz
  9.  Physical dimensions: W x H x D 280mm (11″) x 280mm (11″) x 330mm (13″)
  10.  Weight: 6.5 KG
  11.  Proprietary software for external PC operation content/uploads/Poulvia USB communication cable
  12.  Optional carrying case (New!)

EggAnalyzer Demo Video:

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