Major Upgrade for ORKA’s Wireless Egg Node!

EggTester.Com (officially known as “ORKA Food Technology“) announced that it has made a major upgrade for Wireless Egg Node™ and will unveil it at IPPE 2018, Atlanta (during Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2018, Booth No: C3432, C-Hall) for the first time. Wireless Egg Node™ provides real time measure of shocks, vibration, rotation, tilting and temperature to your eggs to reduce eggs breakages and losses.

Major upgrade for Wireless Egg Node™ includes;

  • Mimics the shape, size and weight of an egg for reproducibility of data
  • Measures external forces on eggs including vibration, rotation, tilt, inclination, shock and acceleration along the chain extending from collection through packing, transport and in-store handling.
  • Incorporates a high-speed tri-axial ± 40 G accelerometer.
  • Super accurate (+/- 0.1 C°) Internal Temperature sensor, especially for hatching eggs.
  • Simple, user-friendly ORKA Node Controller ® Graphing Software that includes:
    • Each of the three axis of acceleration separately
    • Total impacting force
    • Zoom in/zoom out for granular detail of events
    • Remarks and point of interest on the real time chart
  • Extended internal memory – 16Mb capable of storing up to 8,000,000 data points.
  • Water resistant and can pass through washing installations
  • Scalable, data transmitted up to 2 km (1.2 mile)
  • Network supports up to 128 Wireless Eggs simultaneously!
  • Up to 6 months continuous use without charging (in 1 sample / second rate)
  • And more…

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