ORKA Instruments Gain Strong Recognition in China (No2)!

Instruments manufactured by ORKA Food Technology (better known as “EggTester.Com”) are gaining market share and strong recognition in Chinese market.
Here is a report from ORKA’s official distributor in China, TENOVO International Co. Ltd, (www.tenovolab.cn) about Chinese market and ORKA’s recent penetration into the market.

“Chinese egg industry is promising. Since 1985 Chinese egg output has been the first in the world continuously. Also had significant achievements in large scale breeding, egg processing and continuous improvement of layer farm etc.

Along with egg industry development including egg quality examination, poultry breeding and relative downstream industry, the market demand and use of ORKA brand EggAnalyzer, Egg Force Reader and Eggshell Thickness Gauge get more and more.

In China, ORKA egg instruments are mainly used in poultry breeding, animal nutrition, food industry including agricultural universities, institutes, large-scale egg industry, entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Food Service etc.

Right now, ORKA brand has about 60% market share in China. Our sales experience is to;

EggAnalyzertm and Egg Force Reader Introduced in August Edition of Egg Industry Magazine, WATT Publishing!

EggTester.Com (officially known as "Orka Food Technology") announced Tuesday, September 9 2008, that EggAnalyzertm and Egg Force Reader were introduced in August Edition of lucrative Egg Industry Magazine, WATT Publishing. The article was written by the editor, Professor Simon M. Shane (FRCVS, PHD, MBL, ACPV) that EGG Force Reader is used by US. Producer to evaluate trials to determine the correlation between specific gravity, subjective score based on candling and the quantitative values generated by the instrument.

EggTester.Com will participate in IPE2009 in Atlanta!

EggTester.Com (officially known as "Orka Food Technology") will be returning to exhibit at the 2009 International Poultry Exhibition during January 28 - 30 2009 at Atlanta Georgia, USA, following the great success in IPE2007 and IPE2008, introducing EggAnalyzerTM which can determine Haugh units, USDA Grade , weight and yolk color in 17 seconds, Eggshell Thickness Gauge and Egg Force Reader! We invite you to visit us at Booth # 5156 (under the company name of "Orka Food Technology") to look and feel our devices with your own eyes!

Due to the congestion and inconvenience which we had caused in IPE2008, we strongly recommend you to make an appointment in advance. However, of course, you are always welcome to drop in whenever you have time to discuss how we can help you evaluate internal and shell quality.