Wireless Egg Node™ Launched!

EggTester.Com (better known as “ORKA Food Technology”) has developed a new product, Wireless Egg Node™. ORKA's Wireless Egg Node™ Network enables simultaneous, high-speed sensing and real time data aggregation from multiple wireless eggs, helps in monitoring egg grading facilities and eggs transferred from the egg cage to grocery store, aiming to reduce egg cracks, breakages and losses.

Wireless Egg Node



  • True Egg shape, size and weight.
  • Tri-Axis high speed accelerometer (x,y,z axis).
  • Internal temperature sensor (located at the center of the Egg).
  • Wireless communication allows real time data collection and review.
  • Network supports simultaneous multiple wireless eggs (up to 2000 eggs).
  • 3 modes of operation:
    • Continuous sampling: 1 sample/hour to 512 Hz 
    • Periodic burst sampling: 32 Hz to 4096 Hz (1 channel) 
    • Data logging : 32 Hz to 4096 Hz (1 channel)
  • High speed sampling +- 32 microseconds
  • Remotely configure and programming Egg Nodes via wireless communication (including: On/Off, sampling modes, sampling rates). 
  • Low power consumption allows extended use.
  • Ideal for measuring vibration, tilt, inclination, shocks and acceleration in remote applications.
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