EggTester.Com Releases Major Upgrade to EggAnalyzer!®

EggTester.Com (officially known as "Orka Food Technology") announced Monday, August 24 2009, that it released Version 3.00 of its market-leading egg quality testing equipment, EggAnalyzer®.
New in Version 3.00 of EggAnalyzer®
  • Speed up system operation time
  • Improve accuracy of Yolk color identification
  • Improve Albumen height calibration process and accuracy
  • Print of more average results
  • RE-START option
  • Stand alone Egg weight measurement
  • TEST MODE option (for technician use only)
  • Stand alone Albumen Height calibration (for technician use only)
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The EggAnalyzer® measures an egg's weight, albumen height and yolk color, and automatically calculates the Haugh unit and USDA-grade in just 17 seconds (Patent Pending). EggAnalyzer®s cutting-edge technology answers the need for consistent, accurate, and objective egg-quality testing. Prior to EggAnalyzerTM's release in 2006, traditional testing methods provided subjective and, therefore,inconsistent results.
For more details about Upgrade, please click here.