EggAnalyzer Gains Strong Recognition in US Market!

Egg Analyzer Gains Strong Recognition in US Market!

Instruments manufactured by ORKA Food Technology (better known as “EggTester.Com”) are gaining market share and strong recognition in US market.

Here is an interview with Mr. Michael Sims of Virginia Diversified Research (VA), one of ORKA’s customers in United States, which recently bought and uses ORKA’s EggAnalyzer for their research purposes.

Q. What is your organization and your official title?

A. I am President of Virginia Diversified Research Corp. which is a privately owned independent food animal research firm. We recently purchased EggAnalyzer from ORKA Food Technology and use it on a regular basis.

Q. Which purpose do you use Egg Analyzer for?

A. Independent researcher determining effects of feed additives on egg quality.

Q. How often do you use?

A. Once a week during live phase of studies.

Q. How many eggs do you test each time?

A. On study 48 to 120 eggs are tested weekly over 8 weeks. All tests are conducted in the VDRC research lab.

Q. Does one person test or different persons test each time?

A. VDRC has 5 trained technicians. Generally only one uses EggAnalyzer for each observation day.

Q. Before EggAnalyzer, how did you test eggs?

A. Calipers, scales and color fan.

Q. Did EggAnalyzer improve your test method?

A. Test methods were improved from efficiency and standardization. EggAnalyzer increases confidence level of results.

Q. Your comment on EggAnalyzer?

A. EggAnalyzer is a remarkable tool that has allowed VDRC to increase the number of eggs tested within treatment groups thereby increasing the confidence levels of statistical findings, be they different or not different, resulting in stronger conclusions. Thank you for all of your assistance provided to us!

We recognize the importance of US market and we are extremely proud of serving our customers in this valuable market.

The current ORKA range comprises:

* The EggAnalyzer; this instrument determines the weight of eggs, albumen height, Haugh units, yolk color and USDA grade for routine quality control and regulatory compliance

* The Egg Force Reader; this device measures the force required to crush a shell and is a direct measure of marketability

* The Egg Shell Thickness Gauge; this instrument uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of shells for quality control and research applications.

The ORKA range of instruments is used extensively in QC laboratories operated by egg producers, packers, universities, regulatory authorities, and primary breeders.